Suffolk Churches do well in bids for roof repair grants

News is just out of which churches have been successful in their bids for grants from the government’s extended roof repair fund. 18 churches in Suffolk are benefitting (out of 44 applications), which is the highest success rate in the East of England and in the top three nationally. I am thrilled for the churches that have been named and send my commiserations to those that haven’t, hoping that they will succeed in the second round of grants later this year. For both winners and losers putting in for grants like this is a lot of work and we are very grateful to thise who have undertaken it.


Those popping the Champagne corks are:

Assington (£37.6k) , Beccles St Michael (£26.8k), Benhall (£83.1k), Bradfield Combust (£21.3k), Bramfield (£24.6k), Bredfield (£21.9k), Cotton (£40.9k), Dalham (£25.1k), Euston (£38.6k), Falkenham (£30.7k), Gt Finborough (£60.3k), Gt Wratting (£75k), Icklingham St James (£12.8k), Redlingfield (£71.8k), Rendlesham St Gregory (£19k), Stansfield (£66.4k), Sternfield (£71.9) and Wrentham (£69.1k)


The detail can be seen here  – pages 5 and 6 list Suffolk’s success. 


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