Coddenham Church


I was welcomed to Coddenham Church by this regal lion as Mary my chaplain, who lives in the village, finally managed to get me there, just before I run out of time. It was a major Roman settlement, still important in the Middle Ages, and indeed a des res now, so the church bats higher than you might expect. It’s magnificent double hammerbeam angel roof must be its finest feature, smaller in scale than Mildenhall or St Mary’s Bury but in the same league, presumably reflecting the same school of workmen coming down from Lynn. The Bacon family were big round here and so their arms with (of course) a pig as the crest are well to the fore. The other real treasure though, kept safely locked away (though imhooemit comes out on Good Friday) is a beautiful alabaster panel, about A3 in size, of the Crucifixion. It is probably fifteenth century work from Nottingham, originally maybe part of a multi-panel reredos, and as good as anything in the Burrell Collection. Lucky Coddenham.