Starting to think about the election

2015-03-21 18.08.38Graham Cray’s 2007 book on Disciples and Citizens is still a good read for starting to think what “public discipleship” means for a Christian today. Here are a few bits that stayed with me (in my words not his):

  • Citizenship and values become urgent things to teach in our schools when we don’t manage to do it in wider society.
  • The very rich are very mobile. They move out of choice. The very poor are also very mobile. They don’t.
  • Character matters. Higher trust levels are recorded for unelected parts of the establishment like the police and the courts than the elected ones.
  • Don’t assume the New Testament is old hat. Corinth in New Testament times was as much about sex, celebrity and advertising as society today.
  • Don’t use your rights to do wrongs to others.

And then there is still the example of Holy Trinity Clapham to keep in mind. Can we aspire as local churches to have the same effect today?

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