New Diocesan Multi Academy Trust for Suffolk


The Department for Education has recently approved our Diocese becoming an academy sponsor. Now it’s all systems go setting up a Diocesan Multi Academy Trust…

Jean and I were privileged to entertain over 20 headteachers last night as they heard about the MAT from our education team.

The first schools are already actively consulting on joining this new part of our family and once we are out of election “purdah” we expect it to go live, with other schools following soon after. It’s a natural home for Church Schools, but others are welcome too.

Why should the diocese be committed in this way? Partly it’s because the signs are that any future government will stay with the academisation porgramme. But more than that – it’s because we believe we can offer a great education to the children of Suffolk with “schools to die for” – because they are distinctively Christian in their foundation with all the means in forming great character and learning to live for others; inclusively there for every and any child, whatever their social or faith background; and excellent in the standards they achieve, not just the ones set by Ofsted, but the broader ones we all want for our children too.

For more information, please contact our Diocesan Director of Education, Jane Sheat at