Jean and I were at Nettlestead outside Ipswich this morning for a Benefice Mothering Sunday service at which I also gave a long service award to the lovely Patrica Cullen whose liveliness belied her years and also her recent loss of her beloved husband Mitchell who would have been proud of her today.

The congregation got themselves all tied up – in wool, as we visualised how everyone was linked together in community, and then how when we were linked in to Jesus as well our support for one another was given new depth and strength.

The church has a good crop of interesting features : I noticed an unusual “squint” in the south wall, the rather gruesome Sayer memorial with a skull between the effigies of Mr and Mrs, a smiley bishop on the font, and some lively pew end figures of the evangekists’ symbols in the chancel.  But as always it is people in the end that make a place and what a great bunch they were.