A warm welcome at Brantham


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Brantham Church is down in Constable Country, sharing a benefice with East Bergholt, and the two churches kindly came together last Sunday to welcome Jean and myself them – and what a warm welcome we had, with a monster-size Thankyou card too to wish us on our way back to Ely, and a voucher for tea at Hintlesham Hall to make sure we came back again! Thankyou to Rev Steph, her husband Joop, and all the most friendly natives for being church with a smile.

If you like Arts and Crafts it’s worth popping by (I believe the church is usually open) to admire the fine  lychgate by E.S. Prior (he did the one at Kelsale as well). Also Arts and Crafts are the pews (which are fine but not comfortable and limit the usability of the church), the pulpit (above) which is a local piece, and some carved corbel angels. The church also boasts a Constable – of Christ welcoming the children, which is a theme of the church’s ministry today – but don’t go lloking for it with a white van – it’s a copy now.

The church also has a painting by John Constable which used to stand behind the altar. It was one of three local church pieces (the others were for neighbouring Manningtree, and Nayland, the best). This one shows Christ welcoming the children, and hangs on the south chancel wall – or, at least, a copy of it does (so no need to go looking for it with a white van…).


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  1. Thanks. Brings back happy memories of a few years spent in Brantham in the late 70s, shortly after we were married. Debbie

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