Art Challenge: Iona and Mull

Iona Beach Mull boats Sheep on guard

I’m off on sabbatical after Easter when my Eds and Ips adventure ends. The last time I had one, I spent a fortnight on Iona and Mull (being the “vicar” there”!), and there was lots to photograph. I used a filter or two (these were in my SLRT days), but mostly it’s just the amazing colour of the real world out there. Is it because the place is so “thin”?

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One thought on “Art Challenge: Iona and Mull

  1. Beautiful pictures David. I have been there three times and these are wonderful reminders, enjoy your time there. You have done us proud in Ed’s and Ip’s, thank you, but I’m sure Ely will be very happy to have you back full time.

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