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DT spy photographerMy friend Debbie has set me the Art Challenge. It’s a North American Facebook thing (I think!). You’re supposed to post samples of your artwork to FB, and name others to take up the challenge after you. How come you ask (not having spotted me recently in a beret holding a paintbrush or three. Well, when Debbie was over recently we visited Constable Country and I was using my phone to take some snaps and burbling on a bit about it, since I used to do it a bit more seriously with an SLR, and still enjoy thinking a picture through or trying something different. So I’ve said yes to the challenge, as I’d already decided to do some more photographing and drawing as part of my own challenge to myself during Lent (as much to get me back into the Great Outdoors as anything). As it’s a Lent thing for me, I’m not going to just run this for 5 days on FB, but put up a weekly post instead of some of my attempts, old and new.

For starters here’s one I took when we visited Constable Country with Debbie. I wasn’t trying to recreate an Old Master, but I did play around with it in Photoshop a bit afterwards.

Oh yes, and I wonder whether Rachel Nicholls would like to share some of her amazing artwork for worship, Melanie McFadyen any of her lovely vestments, or Derek Hollis some of his close ups of birds. Or any of you other secret artists out there for that matter.

Constable Country 1


5 thoughts on “Art Challenge

  1. It’s a bit circular, like those swirling stars pictures. But it’s hard to take a bad photo in Constable Country! Interesting Lent observance. Aren’t you supposed to do something you don’t like?!!!!

    • I’ve never cared for the idea of deliberately doing something I don’t like, though I do lag aside some things that I do … Attempting a bit of positive formation feels better, and I usually aim for something for the body, for the mind, and for the spirit.

  2. Remember our photo challenge!
    Suffolk Show Photography Competition
    The Suffolk Show will take place on 27 and 28 May 2015 and, once again, our diocese will have a marquee at the showground enabling people to engage with the church. As part of this, we are running a photography competition for amateur photographers of all ages. The theme is “Growth in a Suffolk Spring” and is open to your personal interpretation but we’re looking for photographs of Suffolk people or places that fit in to one of the following four areas of our diocesan vision for growth: growing in depth, growing in number, growing in influence and growing younger. For details and to take part visit the website.

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