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Welfare reform and housing shortage leads to rise in homelessness Header

The number of people sleeping rough has risen by 37 per cent since 2010, research supported by JRF revealed yesterday.

The study highlights the link between welfare reforms and the increase in homelessness in the last four years, and finds that the vast majority of people affected were made homeless from the private rented sector.

It also highlights regional differences, with the number of people recorded as becoming homeless rising by 80 per cent in London in the four years to 2013/14, compared to a 14 per cent drop in the North.


Julia Unwin

School league tables shouldn’t distract us from the real issues

The recent debate about failing schools and league tables obscures the more significant issue of the gap between richer and poorer children’s results, says JRF programme manager Helen Barnard (pictured). Read her new blog and share your thoughts here.

Young families see sharpest rise in income squeeze

The number of people living in households with an ‘inadequate’ income has increased by almost a third since the recession began, JRF research has revealed.

Rising living costs and stagnant pay since 2008 initially affected single, working-age people most. But since 2010, families with children have accounted for the biggest increase in households that fall below what members of the public class as an ‘adequate’ living standard.


Julia Unwin

Poverty a permanent fixture of UK’s economy

Poverty and insecurity are becoming permanent features of the economy despite the nation’s economy growing faster than any other in the developed world in 2014, JRF’s chief executive, Julia Unwin has warned.

New figures show the UK’s economy grew at 2.6 per cent last year, outstripping the US which grew at 2.4 per cent. However, the divide between wealthy and less wealthy that was accentuated by the recession has remained, said Ms Unwin (pictured).

She said: “Our labour market is now split in two – there are good and rewarding roles for many, but a proportion of workers, particularly in the care, retail and hospitality sectors on which we all rely, remain permanently in poorly-paid roles.”

– Watch the second annual Joseph Rowntree poverty lecture: Growth, equity and work, featuring Cambridge professor of economics, Ha Joon Chang.


Julia Unwin

Highlighting human cost of climate change

A new website shows who is most vulnerable to extreme weather, including flooding and heatwaves, and how they can be helped. Climate Just is designed to provide information to local authorities and other organisations and was developed in partnership with JRF.

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