A moment of silence on Sunday

Can I encourage you to keep a moment of silence this Sunday as we remember the outrages in France? You can do it quietly on your own or in church together. Here are some short words of introduction that you could use if you are in church:

Our hearts and our prayers go out today to all those whose lives have been scarred by the recent terrorist outrages in France, and indeed to the whole French people. We are sickened by the reminder of how hate and hurt so easily distort our humanity, and even as we pray that those who plot terror will be turned from their wickedness, we confess the darkness that lies in our own hearts too. So we turn to God in prayer to heal the wounds, redeem the wrongs and save our souls. And we pray that in France, in our own country and throughout the world we may work together, as people of all faiths and of none, to rebuild the peace and justice for which we long.

You’ll find some formal prayers in my previous blog at https://bpdt.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/prayers-released-in-response-to-paris-terror-attack/

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