A Map to Make You Think


What do you make of this map of the world by Italian artist Giacomo Faiella? (via http://bigthink.com/strange-maps/594-mind-over-map-the-world-is-what-you-make-it) If you think it’s gone a bit adrift, you’d be right. But how and why? LOOK BELOW TO FIND OUT ….

If you imagine it upside down you’ll get the point: it’s been distorted to make it symmetrical, the oceans exactly mirroring the landmasses. It’s spooky how nearly it works, though a lot of fiddling has in fact gone on so don’t get too excited.

The “why?” for me is that it reminds us just how easily we are seduced by maps and graphics, if not news more broadly. As far as maps are concerned perhaps you remember the row about the Peters Projection? It used to be on the wall of every right-thinking (aka left-leaning) student when I was a lad. Where is it now?

And how can we keep our critical faculties alive as we move towards another year full of media bombardment?


2 thoughts on “A Map to Make You Think

  1. They do indeed: we saw the programmes too. Best wishes also to you for the rest of the holidays and the New Year.

  2. Maps always have a purpose. See various television programmes. Happy Christmas David, and to Jean and everyone else. And a peaceful New year.

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