RSA Events in January

I’ll be interested to try and catch up on the Soulful Organisation one, though I’ll be at an event in Ipswich that day.

Mastering Skills and Knowing Stuff
Tuesday 13 January, 18:00
David Willetts MP visits the RSA to speak about the knowledge and skills we need to flourish in a complex and fast-paced environment.
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How to Build Better, More Resilient Cities
Tuesday 20 January, 13:00
Dr Judith Rodin, Rockefeller Foundation President, and one of the world’s leading public thinkers, brings together ground-breaking research to outline a radical future in which individuals, companies and entire societies avert disaster by creating more dynamic, more resilient cities.
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Seven Serious Jokes About Climate Change
Tuesday 20 January, 18:30
Something has to change. In a bid to generate a new public dialogue that sparks real action, the RSA presents the first in a series of climate change events with a twist, featuring comedians Marcus Brigstocke and Pippa Evans.
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How to Become a Soulful Organisation
Thursday 22 January, 13:00
Author of the much acclaimed book Reinventing Organizations,Frederic Laloux, will discuss the emergence in many different sectors of a whole new type of organisation – one that eschews hierarchy and bureaucracy in favour of truly soulful and powerful structures and practices.
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Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
Thursday 29 January, 13:00
Neuroscientist and author Daniel Levitin explains how we can organise our brains to keep up with the demands of the digital age.
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Our events are free of charge and open to all but advance booking is essential.