Praying for the Middle East


It’s confession time! I try to say Morning Prayer every day – but it’s often while I’m propped up in bed having a cup of tea. I wake quite early and it’s one of the best bits of the day. I like to look out of the window too which helps me look outwards as I pray of the year when we see the sun rising with often magnificent effects of light.

The changing sky is also a powerful aid to prayer, and we are now well into that part that puts even the super Ipswich fireworks to shame.  That has stirred me to commit myself to pray each day this winter, as I see the sunrise, for the awful situation in the Middle East which is so on our hearts, and which in human terms leaves us feeling so powerless too.

Malachi 4.2 is in my mind as I pray: “The Sun of righteousness will rise (will rise) with healing in its wings.” So my prayer is for righteousness and healing, justice and peace, as God’s gifts to our broken world.

I wonder if you would like to join me in making this simple commitment to prayer as part of your preparation to welcome the Prince of Peace at Christmas? No organisation is needed, no paperwork: just do it, and pass the word on. I’m giving it a bit of a profile here on my blog at, and I’d love too to put up your own stories and pictures of prayer too. Just email them to me at and I’ll do the rest.

Peace be with you, and every blessing from the Prince of Peace be yours in your hearts and in your homes this Christmas.


One thought on “Praying for the Middle East

  1. The view this time is not from our Ipswich bedroom window but from that in Ely. The indoor bowling alley roof rather spoils it, but we get the same mixture of sillhouetted trees and sunrise skies. Wonderful.

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