Later leaf fall?

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Over at Ely the leaves seem to be finally falling – interestingly very much directly under the trees, so not wind-driven. Anyone share my feeling that this is rather late?2014-11-29 15.21.05

The holly is looking spectacular!


3 thoughts on “Later leaf fall?

  1. I had noticed as well! The opening of my sermon for Christ the King:
    I can’t start my sermon again with ”Doesn’t time fly. Another year gone”. I said that as recently as for Remembrance Sunday. It is just that when it comes to preaching there are these markers during the year that seem to come round faster and faster. The feast of Christ the King which we celebrate today, is one of them. It marks the end of yet another liturgical year. Next Sunday is Advent Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to think of Christmas yet. It doesn’t feel at all like winter is round the corner. How can it be Christmas soon when half of the leaves are still green on the trees? If we are not careful, we will be caught by surprise. It will be Christmas before we know, and before we are ready. Speaking for myself, I don’t like that sort of surprises. I like being prepared, feeling more or less ready for what’s coming.

  2. Oh yes, my own leaves have finally started to fall – I have been out this afternoon picking them up and as you say, they have not blown around much so the task is a little easier this year – so far. There are however, more to drop!

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