White Ribbon Day today


White Ribbon Day is inspired by The White Ribbon Pledge lead by men who campaign to stop domestic violence against women.  Women might be the primary victims of this type of assault, but there is no reason why men can’t take a share of the responsibility in putting an end to it. Clearly, many are committed to doing so.

Domestic violence statistics show that 70% of incidents result in injury and that on average, two women in England and Wales are killed by a partner every week.  But what does wearing a white ribbon really mean? It says loud and clear that you will never condone, take part in or remain silent about domestic abuse against women.

The men involved in White Ribbon Day and the White Ribbon Pledge do not believe that violence is inherent in men carrying out the abuse. Instead they believe that it is became a learned of expressing anger and to some extent has become acceptable to behave in this manner. Interestingly, research has shown that previous cultures showed no or very little evidence of violence.

The effects of domestic violence affects everyone.   If you think about how many people are touched by one person – whether it’s at work, a relative or someone else you know, it’s an issue that ends up affecting first our communities, society and then places all over the world.  A domino effect.

So what can you do to help stop this cruelty?   Well, the white ribbon campaign urges you to start with one of the 10 suggestions given on their website.  You can take action in just 5 minutes, a few hours or a longer amount of time if this is something you feel strongly about changing.  Find a list of all the ways you can get involved depending on a time frame that suits you at the official White Ribbon Day website.