Go to Jail …

It’s Prisons Week. I was in HMP Highpoint near Newmarket this afternoon to hear a talk to/with the prisoners by the Chaplain General on whether religion was part of the solution or part of the problem of violence and Tubbs going wrong in the world. It was really interesting to hear the inmates’ views, and challenging to someone like me who does have a sort of religious power. How to use that in practice to make things better? Thoughts from them: stop the UK/USA ‘interfering’ in other countries; make sure we keep our own traditions like Lent so we respect those of others like Ramadan, understand other faiths better and don’t be ignorant, accept that all religions lead to violence… It’s a tough place and these are tough thoughts, but one of the good things about bishopping is that you do get ‘inside’ from time to time (including most Christmas days) and hear it like it is.

Photo: East Anglian Daily Times