Updating the Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy

Yes, there are such Guidelines, and I hope all clergy are aware of them, and they do need to be updated from time to time – especially at the moment on matters of safeguarding, and that is what General Synod is doing at the moment. They can seem weighty, and hard to bear without God’s help: but that is just as it says in the Ordinal that it will be, so no surprise. And yes, I hope it goes without saying that I am as challenged as anyone else when I read them, and I rather think I should be very worried on the day that I am not. So I was rather heartened when Fr Sewell in the debate pointed out gently that there seemed very little reference to prayer in them: it’s the place we all find ourself in the end, in the company of the Lord who is our helper. You can read the Draft Guidelines using the link below, and if you have comments the relevant Working Party continues its task and can receive them.