Summary of sermon at Eucharist for our school leaders

Being a school leader today is an important and demanding calling and ministry. But it is also an exhausting and challenging one. How can we be sustained in it? Isaiah chapter 40 reminds us that our strength is in the Lord our God. Both strength and understanding are gifts of the Spirit, and just as stained glass windows need light to shine on them to come alive, so we need God’s Spirit to shine on and into us to fully become the people we can be and do the work we are called to. Stained glass windows are also made up of many pieces working together, and remind us (like the plurals in Isaiah 40) that we are in this together and can only do well by working together. So together with God, together with each other – and finally together with our children and students. They are the whole point of it all, and we are meant to shine on and for them to help them grow and flourish to the full. And the wonder of it is that the more we give to them, the more we receive as well.