Dedicating a new war memorial at Syleham


It was a substantial privilege for me last Sunday to dedicate a new war memorial at the small village of Syleham UK by the Waveney river at the old crossing between Norfolk and Suffolk. It’s where Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, claimed sanctuary and surrendered to Henry II in 1174, and is still a place of spiritual sanctuary today. So what does it mean to find and make peace in the world of today?

Today is 9/11 in the English style, which makes you stop and think
. As do war memorials like the one we are dedicating today
Unexpectedly we are getting better at remembering. And remembering is getting more important
 (and very well done Syleham) Why?

It’s a big question
The wars to end wars didn’t end wars. We seem locked in.
And at our best we feel the need and desire to try and make peace

So how can we be peacemakers?

We need to be people of peace who have peace in themselves to offer

But we look inside ourselves and see war there as well


Now we get to heart of matter

But not the end of the story

God knows us and loves us and wants best for us

So comes and meets precisely at this point of need

One by one, on our knees, when we know we can’t do it by ourselves

He reconciles us to himself through Christ

And then as we grow in Christ’s likeness and in Christ’s peace

We become ambassadors of that message and hope of reconciliation for others

As we live the beatitudes, we bring blessings to the world

Here’s our new call up, to a new sort of active service

One that will be just as worth remembrance in the future

And it’s a win –win: you find peace, and you give peace too

Will you sign up today?