A whole crowd of us gathered at Framlingham Church last night to be with Canon Mark Sanders as he lay down his office as Director of Ordinands and New Ministers, a post which he has filled with distinction for many years, and was instituted and inducted as the new Rector of Framlingham and Saxtead.

James Gardom, chaplain at Pembroke College Cambridge (the patrons) preached on the mustard seed, yeast and pearl parables, and I came up with this as a final blessing (you see – I wasn’t dozing during the last hymn after all…):

The Lord bless you in the fragile beauty of the mustard seed of your faith.

The Lord bless you in the lively effervescence of the yeast of your hope.

The Lord bless you in the costly love of your search for the pearl of great price 

which is the coming kingdom of God.

And the blessing of God Almighty …