The Children's Society


Hello David,

It’s getting colder outside, so a lot of us are turning our heating up.

But many families are likely to turn down their heating or take out a loan because they can’t afford their fuel bills. This has a huge impact on children’s health and happiness. Turn up the heat on the Government to change this.

The Warm Home Discount is available to help people in poverty heat their homes through the cold winter months. However, it’s left up to energy companies to decide who should get it, meaning nearly two million children miss out. 

After pressure from us, the Government are now considering changing the rules.

But we’ve only got a few weeks to convince them that all families in poverty should get help with their heating bills. Email the Government today.

Together, we can ensure that families aren’t driven into debt to heat their homes.

Many thanks,

Anastasia French,

Children’s Society Campaigner

PS – Read more about the Warm Home Discount.