God and Buddleia

God and Buddleia. No, not Buddha – that’s for another time. This post is in honour of the ten great candidates I confirmed yesterday at Dalham, where a Buddleia caught my attention, and became part of my sermon.

So – slightly cheekily – I invited the congregation to consider what God and the Buddleia had in common. The answers were fascinating, and putting them together we built up a picture of a God who was astonishingly adventurous in his spreading of the seeds of life, sowing them everywhere, in all sorts and conditions of places, just one seed each and very small too, but each with the potential to grow and grow big and grow attractive (butterflies!) and brighten up the world.

Our job, as Buddleia for a God, the job of those ten great candidates and each one of us too, is not to push to become something we’re not, but to go with God’s grain, let his life grow and his beauty show.

What might that mean in practice? I suggested that it was moments of choice that made the difference, times when we choose to stay rooted in God or not, through prayer and the sacraments of the church; times when we choose to work well with other or not, the shoots of one great plant, co-operators not competitors; times when we choose to work for the coming of God’s kingdom out there in his world, bearing fruits that will bless others.

Blooming marvellous – that’s what I hope we all can be.

2 thoughts on “God and Buddleia

  1. The thing that jumped into my mind is that even if you attack a buddelia and hack it down, it grows back. It’s very tough. And to get the best flowers you have to keep cutting it back.

  2. Thank you ± David. I was pondering what topic to use for Collective Worship in the local school tomorrow and you were the answer to my prayer. Carol NL PS and I have a buddleia branch in bloom in my garden!

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