What is the impact of austerity on poor people and places? News from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Queues for food banks are just one of the signs that cuts to public spending, services and benefits are hitting disadvantaged communities across the UK, writes Julia Unwin.

JRF has created an online hub of information about austerity in the UK to highlight the experiences of people on low incomes as they cope with the impact of policy changes and austerity measures.

On our austerity page you’ll find:

  • a series of films in which people from cities in the North of England tell their stories;
  • reports (with audio and video) on how austerity measures are affecting services and communities in the UK;
  • themed round-ups of evidence from JRF research;
  • blogs from a range of contributors;
  • austerity and poverty statistics;

the research found there was strong evidence that good-quality applicants from neighbourhoods with poor reputations were not more likely to be rejected by employers;

however, employers expressed a preference for local candidates with easy journeys to work.

We will keep the page up to date with new research, blogs, photographs, films, stories, statistics and other content as it becomes available.

"Austerity is tough for everyone – but hardest for the poorest."

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