Youngster Enhancement Service (YES) – PAKISTAN Fostering Friendship and Enhancing Capacities Through concrete and lively activities at grassroots level

BIshop Rafiq Masih, whom I met at the Lambeth Conference, has now retired as Bishop of Hyderabad, and writes as follows about his new project:

I am now involved with an NGO with the name of Ecumenical Association for Community Development and Research (non-profit) registered with the Government in Societies Act of 1860 to undertake and initiate all community development programs and projects addressing human rights, capacity building, leadership/discipleship development, education for youth, community empowerment by establishing social groups, and mobilizing communities to work themselves for their development, health related issues including HIVAIDS, mother & child, disaster response by responding immediately to any disaster and peace building process by promoting peace and solidarity. EACDR is to serve, developing youth and build relationships, and to bringing together to promote Peace and Interfaith Harmony by ecumenical formation.

We are seeking seed money for this new ministry. Please find attached one of our proposal and budget for your prayers. Please also share and ask your friends to pray.
Every blessing,

Bishop Rafiq Masih
Ecumenical Association for Community Development and Research
B-40, Shairf Square
Hussainabad, Hyderabad

Details are below the fold


Youth Resource Centre Pilot Project



Youngster Enhancement Service (YES) – PAKISTAN



Fostering Friendship and Enhancing Capacities

Through concrete and lively activities at grassroots level





Submitted by:

Ecumenical Association for Community Development and Research ®





























Project name: Youth Resource Centre

Project duration : 3 Years

Expected commencement date: 01 July 2012

Intended completion date: 30 June 2014

Project total budget

In PKR: 8,063,810

In US $: 89,598

In UK £: 56,787

Focal person: Rt. Rev. Rafiq Masih

Address: 31-A Mir Fazal Town

Latifabad # 9, Hyderabad,


Phone: 0092 332 203 40 06














Ecumenical Association for Community Development & Research (EACDR) was established in 2009 and is formally registered with the Government of Sindh in Societies Act of 1860 to undertake and initiate all community development programs and projects addressing 1/ youth education, 2/ youth capacity building, 3/ human rights awareness, 4/ community empowerment by social groups formation 5/ ecumenical formation and interfaith harmony and 6/ community mobilization. Also, it is to serve developing youth by providing them the platform to bring them together. EACDR also plans to promote ecumenical formation for the youth and educate them on Faith issues with the end objective to create awareness to overcome difference by promoting peace and interfaith harmony.



To develop the youth so that they reach the unreached youth of Pakistan to provide them opportunities that strengthens them in Christian spirit as well as personal life.




a) To inform youth about the issues and concerns that affect their everyday living

b) To empower youth by imparting required skills and exposures and also provide them opportunities to develop

c) To involve youth in community welfare decision making


Youth Enhancement Services in Pakistan (YES-PAK) is a youth development desk in EACDR. Youth on grassroots levels often cannot survive entirely on their own. Young people who have the most innovative visions for change lack skills, directions and resources. In order to group the youth, EACDR has taken the initiative to help the youth develop their capabilities, set their directions and pool in the best resources they need to achieve their goals aiming to address challenges communities face.


Christian youth of Hyderabad and its surrounding areas waste their time in un-meaningful activities i.e. drug addiction, sexual exploitation (unsafe practices). Most of these youth come from city’s slum areas (Latifabad, Sikanadarabad, Hur Camp and Kotri). Some of them are employed with the Town Municipal Committee as janitors and/or domestic workers earning on an average 3 000 PKR (34 US$)/month. Due to financial challenges they along with their families live in unhygienic conditions. They face abject poverty. Most of these people also face social pressures from majority communities and are considered 3rd grade citizens. The government also has systematically failed to provide these youth, who are bright and capable but lack the resources to do well, the facilities to groom themselves.



1. Developing youth skills / capacities in workshops thrice annually

2. Training seminar servant leaders every fourth month

3. Discussing current issues once each week

4. Studying the Holy Bible every week

5. Spending a day out for recreation twice in a year

A total of 500 youth each year are targeted to be mentored through the above activities.

In order to carry out the program successfully through regular performance appraisals, EACDR intends to establish a Youth Resource Centre at its offices.




A. Library


To create awareness about the benefits of reading, the Youth Resource Centre intends to offer youth books in addition to Christian faith literature such as magazines, case studies, journals, periodicals, newspapers available in its precincts. A special discussion group of member youth readers would also be constituted to meet once a month to take up a current issue and see it through each other perspective. Reference material with audio/visual support (DVDs, CDs…) shall also be available and would be used as teaching aids if need be in workshops.


B. Community Clinic


Public health facilities offered in Hyderabad city are not adequate both quality and number wise. Due financial challenges, people in need cannot afford private medical services. Youth Resource Centre thus plans to organize free clinic and medical checkups at its premises. This will also help in evangelism through service to ailing humanity. A full-fledge clinic at a later stage can also be established.

C. RooM

To group the youth together in a positive and youthful way, indoor games would be played in this section of the Centre. Not only for sports but the RooM shall be used as a community hall for discussions and even functions youth and/or their families organize.

D. Counselling


God is the only one who can mould lives and change hearts, and any lasting change has to be from the inside out – opening up hearts and lives and facing the truth about ourselves and where we have come from – so that God can heal and guide for the future


A. Music Ministry


For spiritual upbringing of the youth through music is indispensible. The Centre plans to purchase its own sound system with basic features to support its prayer and praise meetings, training programs and even concerts.

B. Drugs Awareness Seminar (In consultation with Hyderabad District Council)


This program is designed to create awareness among youth about the menace of drug addiction and the health hazards associated with it. The program will also aim to throw light on the aspects Christianity prohibits and to facts that lead to faith-based communities’ condemnation.

C. Card Project & Printing House:

The Card Project was undertaken to provide a positive alternative to the adolescent girls and boys who are formal school dropouts. These adolescents are provided with a productive vocational training so that they can develop their skills and learn a specific trade that will give them greater opportunities to secure employment. During the tenure of training they receive a lunch and the purchase of training materials/resources. Along with this training, they are enrolled in the Open School programme to complete their education from open schools or universities. Finally on the completion of the training course EACDR will endeavour to find suitable employment for them.

D. HIV/AIDS Awareness (In consultation with Hyderabad District Council)

EACDR will hold a HIV/AIDS consultation program which would aim to create awareness and gather courage of affected youth by faith strengthening and effective treatment options.


E. Staff Development & Training

EACDR organize in-house staff/ members training program for all level staffs, throughout the year according to project need. Apart from this EACDR also send for external training program.

In addition to the above programs, the following activates are also planned:


1. Open house – friendship meal every third month

2. Youth/Summer Camp

3. Arts Exhibition

4. Sports Festival

The above mentioned programmes are process-oriented activities and include performance audits through KPI monitoring.


Since EACDR is a not-for-profit initiative, it thus requires seed money to start its programs. To become sustainable, just as EACDR envisages for its alumni to be, the seed money will help the program to develop itself more and more on self-support basis. This budget at this does incorporate the risk associated with unforeseen financial challenges.

For administrative processes and audit assurance, you are requested to please send all your contributions in favour of EACDR as per below bank details:

Bank Details
Name JS Bank Ltd.
Bank Branch Address Saddar Branch, Hyderabad-Pakistan
Account Holder Name Ecumenical Association for Community Development & Research
Account Number 0000158229
Sort/ Swift Code MSHQGB2L