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New to Cambridge in 2012, Episteme is a general journal of epistemology in the analytic tradition that invites both informal and formal approaches. Among its primary “traditional” topics are knowledge, justification, evidence, reasons, rationality, scepticism, truth, probability, epistemic norms and values, and methodology.

To mark the move to Cambridge, Editor Alvin Goldman has selected six articles from the digitised archive that best reflect the journal’s commitment to social and individual epistemology.

You can access them online today for FREE.*

Featured articles include:

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One thought on “Episteme: journal articles on line

  1. Kitcher’s article is worth reading in that it addresses an important subject, but it also disappoints, despite the prestige of the author. The viewpoint that evolution is compatible with Christian faith is dismissed as fatally flawed because a good God would not allow his creation to develop in such a wasteful and bloody way. Libraries have been written on the “problem of evil” and profoundly thoughtful resolutions advanced. A simple dismissal is cut logic. Then “supernaturalism” is equslly cut short by describing it as a simple appeal to revealed truth in the Bible, while most Christians hereabouts would have a much richer understanding that appealed to the roots of epistemology and values themselves. The appeal to a shared secular discourse is even less likely to satisfy and provide unity than the religious roots which are described.

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