Twenty years of Meissen « Nick Baines’s Blog

Twenty-one years ago I helped pilot the Meissen Agreement  between the C of E and the German Protestant Churches. It’s great to read in Nick Baines’s Blog that things are still alive and I hope they may even be ready to move into a new phase. It wasn’t possible in those former times to achieve full mutual recognition of ministries as we did a little later with the Nordic Churches in the Porvoo agreements. I could preach and lead non-eucharistic worship, and even risk some pastoral visits (can you imagine how that was with my vestigial German!) but not do anything priestly or hold a presbyteral post; and the same was true for my friend when she served in my English parish in the other half of the exchange.

Maybe soon we will see new movement in our relationships with both the Free Churches in the UK (having all ministries open to women was a  non-negotiable for the Methodists), and that could trigger something wider?