The Westcott Icon

Westcott icon

I have a copy of this icon from Westcott House on my study wall, and have done ever since I left there to be ordained. Its text is “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you”, and I still find that seminal, both for myself and often for those who come to see me as well. So just today I showed it to one person who will soon be priested and and another about to admitted as a lay minister.

In reminding myself of its story (see the link above) I I also came across this personal reflection from 2008 on the Cassock Contemplations blog and was struck by how a key point in the icon’s birth was when John Armson asked the members of the community individually and privately what text they would like and nearly all of them came back with the same answer. I’ve known other times when a new sort of peace has been found that way, even in PCCs!

3 thoughts on “The Westcott Icon

  1. I sat in front of that icon in May earlier this year when I went for interview at Westcott. This Sunday I start training there.

    I have found the Pantocrator in various forms very piercing. The verse on this icon is a great reassurance.

    • Every blessing, Elizabeth, for your time at Westcott. I expect we shall meet! Look out for the Pantocrator icon in Ely Cathedral as well.

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