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Reading chair

I definitely need an automatic reading machine like this one for real books, alongside my Kindle.

I rounded up all the books around the house this morning that were recently read, part read, or waiting to be read. It was quite a haul. Some of them are old friends rather than new acquaintances that come down from the shelves to join me, some are books of friends that shelves seem too impersonal for, some are heavyweights that take time to digest, others lighter but not yet tasted. And some are just oozing with anticipation… I wonder what your own list would look like?

David Adam, The Road of Life
Martina Bagnoli et al (ed.), Treasures of Heaven
Pope Benedict XVI, The Word of the Lord
Marcus Binney & Peter Burman, Change and Decay
Tim Chester & Steve Timms, Everyday Church
Sylvia Collins-Mayo et al, The Faith of Generation Y
Steven Croft, Ministry in Three Dimensions
Andrew Davison, Imaginative Apologetics
Tim Elbourne, Church Schools – A Mission-shaped Vision
David Bentley Hart, Atheist Delusions
Malcolm Grundy, Leadership and Oversight
Vanessa Herrick & Ivan Mann, Face Value
Henry Hitchings, The Language Wars
Bob Jackson, Going for Growth in Lichfield
Jocelyn of Brakelond, Chronicle of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds
Michael Langford, Unblind Faith
C.S. Lewis’s Lost Aeneid
(ed A T Reyes)
Dave Male, Pioneers 4 Life
John Milbank et al (ed.), Radical Orthodoxy
John Myrc, Instructions for Parish Priests (14th cent!)
Bridget Nichols, Psalm Collects
Jesse Norman, The Big Society
Julia Ogilvy, Turning Points
Graham Parry, The Arts of the Anglican Counter-Reformation
John Pritchard, The Life and Work of a Priest
Anne Richards, Foundations for Mission
Peter Shaw, Deciding Well
Nick Spencer, Freedom and Order
Nick Spencer, Rescuing Darwin
Michael Ward, Planet Narnia
Sister Wendy, The Art of Faith
Tom Wright, Simply Christian

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  1. Do add David bentley Hart’s ‘Atheist Delusions’ to the list, if you haven’t already previously listed it. It is a resounding answer to the books by Richard Dawkins and others.

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