Ely Diocesan Prayers February 25

Christ Church in Orton Goldhay

P.I.C.: Ian Pullinger

LLM: Lynessa Austen

We give thanks for our ‘outstanding’ Church School and for the success of our 11.30am All Age Service with Lunch. We pray for our new Toddler Group to flourish, for reorganised small groups and for more children in church.

St John’s Church of England Primary School

Massachusetts (USA) – The Rt Revd M Thomas Shaw ; Suffragan Bishops – The Rt Revd Gayle E Harris ; The Rt Revd Bud Cederholm


Young Question 10: Life on other Planets

From Nathan Millard of Cromwell College: What are your views on life on other planets?

One of the best bits for me in the Narnia books is when Aslan sings and whole new worlds and their inhabitants come to life. And I love that carol by Sidney Carter that begins, “Every star shall sing a Carol”.

Whether or not there is life on other planets and what it will be like if there is, is a matter of scientific enquiry, though the present tools available to science don’t look as if they will resolve the question any time soon (short of Radio Betelgeuse breaking through).

Why should we assume that God only made life like us here? Or just life like us? All the signs are that his creation is profligate beyond our wildest caution.

And would Christ then be the Saviour of all those Little Green Men too? I would certainly want to take the Good News to them, But I hope I would be humble enough to look and listen just in case God in his mercy visited them as saviour too. Watch out for the Lions.

Ely Diocesan Prayers February 24

Orton Waterville St Mary

Rector: Richard Hamilton

LLM: Sharon Perridge

ALM: Hildegard Hall

We give thanks for the completion of the church’s re-ordering and the provision of toilet and kitchen. Please pray for the future use of our church building as we seek to extend the church’s ministry into the community. Grant that we bring the teaching of Jesus into the lives of those who have not yet accepted Him as Saviour.

Masindi-Kitara (Uganda) – The Rt Revd Stanley Ntagali

Young Question 9: Religion is Primitive

From Ben Nicholas of King’s School Ely: How would you respond to the view put forward by many anthropologists that religion is a primitive means of dealing with the unknown?

I agree. From the beginning of consciousness, people must have wondered What It Was All About. And shaping your life and ideas to fit in with the best answers you can come up with makes sense! So let’s hear it for religion…

Ah – but perhaps “primitive” is meant not just to imply ancient but Neanderthal, and “anthropologists” suggests that the really wise Homo Sapiens has grown out of such childish ideas?

Don’t believe a word of it! Science is really good at explaining how regular stuff happens. It doesn’t even begin to get to grips with the big Why questions and falters in the face of the unusual and edgy (experiments don’t work).

So when it comes to the big unknowns of our own lives, religion still rules OK.

Ely Diocesan Prayers February 23

Orton Longueville with Bottlebridge Holy Trinity

Rector: Dr Adam Dunning

Curate: Jane Penn

LLMs: Susan Waters; Lynessa Austen

St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School

Maseno North (Kenya) – The Rt Revd Simon Mutingole Oketch ; Maseno South – The Rt Revd Francis Mwayi Abiero ; Maseno West – The Rt Revd Joseph Otieno Wasonga

Well done, Wilburton!


Photo credit: http://www.druidic.org/camchurch/churches/wilburton.htm

Several medieval churches in England have received funding the Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage as part of their joint Repair Grants for Places of Worship program. In an announcement made earlier this month, over 153 Grade I and II listed places of worship across England were granted £15.7 million to support urgent repair work.

The churches include St Peter’s, Wilburton, in the Diocese of Ely, which has a tower dating from the 13th century. It has been offered at grant of £105,000 towards repairs to the tower spire, which was last repaired in 1903, as well as timber repairs to the spire and louvres, reglazing and masonry repairs to the tower parapets and stairs.

Reverend Fiona Brampton of St Peter’s, Wilburton said, “We are delighted that English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund have been able to help us. Our church is not only a beautiful treasure, but also a focal point for the community here in Wilburton, Cambridgeshire.”