Archbishop coming to Great St Mary’s Cambridge to celebrate KJV


‘He escaped by the skin of his teeth’.
This is just one of the many phrases from the King James Version of the Bible, often called the Authorised Version, which have entered the English language. Few – if any – books have been published which have had such a vast influence on the faith, culture and language of English society.

1st May 2011 is the 400th anniversary of this publishing event. It will be celebrated in various ways across the Christian world.  In the centre of Cambridge, at Great St Mary’s Church, there will be a community reading of
the whole Bible, from the beginning of Genesis chapter 1 to the end of Revelation chapter 23. It will take around 90 hours and will be spread over ten days form the 27th April when there will be a day conference, a service of Evensong which will lead in to the reading. It will be a major community event to celebrate the importance of this anniversary.

We are expecting that many individuals will take part. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury will take part in the day conference and launch the reading. We are inviting leading figures in the church, the University and city to participate in reading. But the central readers are you and your community. We hope that as many people and groups from around the city will take part in this celebration. You could be a member of school, church or college – or allotment association or dance group – or anything. You could be someone who would value taking part. You may have a favourite passage you would like to read. You may want to write out the passage in dramatic form and enter into the drama of many of the event described.

The readings will take about ten hours a day, and so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to choose a time that fits in with your availability.
If you are interested in taking part or knowing more please fill in the form attached – or even better come to the planning meeting at 4.30 pm on Thursday 17th February at Great St Mary’s – in the market place. You can send it back to us by post – or just send an email telling us that you are interested to know more.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Faithfully
Phil S Gorman
Pastoral Assistant, Great St. Mary’s, The University Church.