A Prayer for Today

Prayer for TodayProdigal Father, Christ-like intimacy, importunate Spirit, whose eyes first saw our substance, yet being imperfect. You keep awake that we might sleep in rest and peace;

We thank you for a new day, for all that, so far in our life, you have brought to birth in us; for the emerging light persuading us into the morning, the anticipation of Spring’s new birth and summer reverie,

for so many new beginnings and comings to an end;

for all new creation soon to leave the safety of the womb,

for all old creation, tired limbs and ageing hopes, drawing nearer to their end.

Bless those who long for the redemption of countless hurts, and those who, new to bereavement, have been left aching with love unused, in unsaid words.

Prodigal Father, for our simple and complex world, we say, ‘Thank you’.